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Welcome to the Vidyasathi Teacher Training Institute in Moulali

Where Aspiring Educators Get Clear Pathways to Rewarding Careers in Education

Teaching is not an ordinary profession. It’s a calling and a passion. That’s why, the Vidyasathi teacher training institute in Moulali is dedicated to giving students who are genuinely passionate about education, multiple routes to lucrative and rewarding careers in education.

If your teachers have inspired you to pursue a career in education, then our teacher training courses in Moulali are ideal for you! Available both in-person and online, our Teacher Training Courses (TTC courses) give students the full package.

These comprehensive courses help thousands of students pursue long-term careers in primary and secondary school education every year. If you are passionate about the teaching profession, then they can help you too!

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    Eligibility Criteria at the Best Teachers Training Institute in Moulali

    The eligibility criterion for entry into the best teachers training institute in Moulali is actually quite simple. Anybody with a +2 degree (any board) can apply and qualify for our TTC courses in Moulali. These courses include:

    B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate professional degree that prepares students to become teachers. Our two-year B.Ed. programs include coursework in classroom management, pedagogy, and curriculum development. Upon graduation, Vidyasathi graduates are eligible to obtain teaching licenses and start their careers as accredited teachers.

    Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training Program

    A comprehensive program that prepares students to teach children from ages 3-6. The Montessori teacher training program covers a broad variety of up-to-date topics such as early childhood education, activity-based learning, child development, and classroom management.

    On-demand Teacher Training Course (TTC)

    Our on-demand TTC is a student-centric teacher training program that students can complete at their own convenience and pace. This program is designed to help aspiring teachers who do not have education degrees transition smoothly into the teaching profession.

    D.El.Ed. Primary Teacher Training

    This one-year course gives students the knowledge they need to teach classes of up to the 8th standard. The program covers key topics such as child psychology, pedagogy, classroom management, and curriculum development.

    Certification and Job Placements

    All of our TTC courses in Moulali have national accreditation. They are accepted by all major educational institutions across the country, across all educational boards. That’s why Vidyasathi graduates are quickly absorbed into a range of organizations including public schools, private schools, tutoring centers, and educational boards.

    Plus, our curriculum is universal and updated every year. Recruiters know that hiring Vidyasathi graduates means hiring professionals who are up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques.

    Do you want a similar career trajectory for yourself? Then, contact Vidyasathi now! Let our educators help you explore the challenging yet rewarding world of education!

    Who Can Enrol at the Best Teachers Training Institute in Moulali?

    We encourage anybody and everybody who dreams to pursue a career in the noble profession of teaching to contact us and learn about our courses. Students from all economic and social backgrounds learn under one roof at the Vidyasathi teacher training institute in Moulali. They include:

    Professional Teachers

    Are you a professional teacher aiming to upgrade your skills? Our TTC courses are designed to give teachers up-to-date knowledge on the latest careers in education. Learn new skills, develop new teaching strategies, and boost your chances of securing higher-paying jobs by taking any advanced course at Vidyasathi!

    Aspiring Teachers

    Our B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) course is the perfect launching pad for aspiring teachers. Obtain all the skills you need to find employment in the leading schools of West Bengal and India. Learn about key topics such as child brain development, pedagogy, curriculum building, and classroom management from some of the most experienced educators in the state.


    Our on-demand teacher training courses are ideal for homemakers who want to fulfill their dream of becoming professional teachers. We offer flexible scheduling options so that you can easily work around your family commitments.

    Homemakers find a variety of support services at our teacher training institute in Moulali. These support services enable them to graduate at their own pace and become in-demand professionals.

    Career Changers

    Whether you’re a chef who wants to teach primary school math or a business owner who wants to teach literature: the best teachers training institute in Moulali is here to help you fulfill your dreams.

    Play Schools Owners and Entrepreneurs

    Do you own or manage a preschool? Develop your overall knowledge of pre and primary-school education in the most time-efficient way possible. Work directly with teachers who have decades of experience working in pre-schools and play schools. Get hands-on teaching experiences to become better preschool owners or managers!

    New Mothers

    Our TTC courses in Mohali cover topics like early childhood education, homeschooling, and child brain development. New mothers who want to become skilled educators for their children at home can benefit a lot from our courses. Even mothers with time restrictions can apply and qualify for our distance courses!